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word game
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the IP address calculator

New release!  version 1.02

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High-precision, multi-base calculator
(latest release is still version 0.0.117)
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Who am I, and what is Technology 21?
AlCalc - high-precision, multiple number base calculator for Palms
IPCalc - IP address calculator
NextWord - word game
PalmPower Magazine - tips and techniques exclusively for Palm users
Palm Information - books, links to other sites, info about the tap bug
Palm programming

PalmPower Magazine logo - "tips and techniques exclusively for PalmPilot users"

PalmPower Magazine Programming Power columns

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CodeWarrior stack-handling - delayed stack cleanup and its risks
developing Palm software using Pila and the ASDK
LANs and cablemodem information
WinGate security configuration
bits of humor (sorry; it hasn't been updated for a while - one of these days..)
quotations library - part of my library of quotations, some available on t-shirts, mugs, etc

I'd be working on this page, but I'm off fighting code... A character from Mortal Kombat fighting with...another character from Mortal Kombat

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