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AlCalc - my calculator for Palm handhelds
IPcalc - my IP address calculator (subnets, netmasks, etc)
NextWord - educational word game
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Information about the PalmPilot Personal and PalmPilot Pro tap bug


There are two books about using the PalmPilot - you can buy them at
      click this line to buy The PalmPilot Companion at
      click this line to buy The Complete PalmPilot Guide at
                (by the author of Calvin's Pilot FAQ!)

Links to other sites

Here's a few meaningful links for the Palm handheld
mostly they're links to sites with many other links...

Calvin's F A Q logo

Calvin's Palm FAQ - Calvin's got a lot of information there; both as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and links to other sites. Lately, this is my "jumping off" point - rather than bookmarking everything, I just remember and go to his "links" pages for every other site.

PalmGear HQ logo

PalmGear - tons of software and hardware for the Pilot - commercial products, shareware, and freeware.
You can register AlCalc, IPcalc, and NextWord by buying it at Palmgear!

EuroCool logo

EuroCool - The Palm Software Site - lots of good stuff!

PalmPower Magazine logo

PalmPower Magazine - On-line monthly magazine  (I wrote the Programming Power column several years ago)

Apthand logo, developer of Home Buying for Digerati.
  Electric Pocket - mobile and wireless solutions

PDA Life logo

PDAlife -"Breathing life into your Palm"
software library, software and hardware accessories, product reviews

Life Balance for Palm OS

Llamagraphics - makers of Life Balance


banner for Palm Addict


Information about the PalmPilot Personal pen positioning bug

When I bought a new PalmPilot (in May 1997) I discovered an anomaly - occasionally I would tap in one place, but the PalmPilot would think I had tapped somewhere in the lower left-hand corner. This is the history of that discovery and its eventual fix.
Some PalmPilots had a tap problem which wasn't fixed by the patches (at least up through 2.0.4)
click here to go to Gary Duke's OS2.04-resitant tap bug page

This is the history about the PalmPilot's tap-bug.
26 Apr 97 - USR's released a patch that fixes it! click here for more information
The tap-bug fix has been included in later OS updates...
Tony Jest collected information about the tap bug and graffiti recognition anomalies from various web sites.  His page is located at He pulls all the pieces together nicely.

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