AlCalc Calculator for the 3Com PalmPilot

AlCalc is a calculator for the Pilot. In development now, demo releases demonstrate many capabilities.

Not implemented yet, but coming soon:

If anyone's interested, I can build versions with larger or smaller mantissas - the posted versons use 128 bits for the mantissa, but I can build any size (on 32-bit boundaries; I can buld 32, 64, 96, 128...) You get one decimal digit for every 3.4 bits (approx) so if you wanted a version that had 100 decimal digits I'd build it for 11 x 32 bits = 352 bits which gives about 103 decimal digits.
Note two things: first, the math package will slow down with larger mantissas. Second, you must be a registered user to request a special-sized mantissa.

There are two versions of AlCalc - the latest released version and the latest version available for testing. The test version will have more features, but it has not been fully tested.

AlCalc is beta software, but the released versions are quite stable. I consider it beta level because not all features have been implemented.

Both versions may be loaded at the same time; the test version will be identified as "AlCalc TEST" on the Pilot.

Development Status email list:

I keep a list of people who I email occasionally with development status - if you'd like me to add you to the list, just email me at and send your email address.
(If you're concerned about privacy, I keep all the addresses hidden, so your name won't be broadcast to the group)
If you'd like me to notify you as I put up new test versions, you should be on this list. (lately that's the only "development status" mail I've been sending - "there's a new version...")

Released version:

Version 117 fixes the outstanding display issues and adds various convenience features.

This is version 0.0.117 from 16 Sept 97 Download (22,270 bytes)
Here's the read-me notes (which is in the ZIP file as ALCALC.TXT)

Version 116 adds a square-root key and several improvements to internal routines.

This is version 0.0.116 from 15 July 97 Download (20,669 bytes)
Here's the read-me notes (which is in the ZIP file as ALCALC.TXT)

AlCalc has a once-a-day nag screen for registration. It'll time out in 25 days; after then it will nag every time it's started.

Please check back here now and then; I'll be putting up new versions on a regular basis.

Registration details:

When you register, you'll receive a registration code which will disable the nag screens. You will also receive all future versions of AlCalc for free. (registration is for lifetime)


AlCalc registration fee: $15 (US dollars)
payment methods: PalmGear or Check (via snailmail)
Buy it at PalmGear!

PalmGear - use your credit card on their secure web server and simply buy AlCalc.
Go to their main web page at or to jump directly to the AlCalc purchase page click the above "buy it" button, and click the "Add To Cart" button on PalmGear's AlCalc page.
While you're there, check out some of the other great software, hardware, and accessories!

Snailmail - If you want to register by mail, you can send a check or money order to:

Alan Weiner
1409 Great Plain Avenue
Needham, MA 02492

Please send your email address too, so I can send you a confirmation of receipt and the registration code. (if you don't have an email address, please send a snail-mail address so I can send it to you.)


Test versions:

Use the most-recent version for testing. In case I introduce a bug I'll keep several versions here.

This is version 0.0.116p from 8 Sept 97 Download (20,654 bytes)
Here's the read-me notes (which is in the ZIP file as ALCALC.TXT)

This is version 0.0.116g from 17 August 97 Download (20,988 bytes)
Here's the read-me notes (which is in the ZIP file as ALCALC.TXT)

Test versions will coexist with released versions; they have a different ID code. This ID code is not registered with US Robotics (to avoid wasting official IDs) but to my knowledge is not used by any other programs.
This allows you to run both the released version and the test version on your Pilot; they won't interfere with each other.

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