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Network professionals often configure IP addresses for various equipment. While the individual calculations are fairly simple - mostly bit masks - it’s easy to make mistakes. The consequences of mistakes can be disastrous; machines won’t connect with others, or worse, could isolate a whole section of the ‘net (as a misconfigured router might do).

Even when calculating the IDs and masks correctly, it’s tedious.

To the rescue! IPcalc now calculates all those ugly little numbers - quickly and accurately.

Ok - enough marketing hype. Just what does IPcalc do?


IPcalc features:


Download version 1.02  (14k)  released 31Mar 2002


Buy it at PalmGear!      (Or see below for registration information)

Useful URLs

Boardwatch Magazine    http://www.ispworld.com
(now owned by ISP World magazine)

Many of the ISP Tech Talk columns deal with routers and networking
issues. Several especially useful columns are:
ISP Tech Talk column: "Your Own Address Space"
@Internet column: "How Hard is CIDR"


3Com - "Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know"

Sangoma Technologies - TCP/IP and IPX Routing Tutorial

Registration details:

When you register, you'll receive a registration code which will disable the nag screens. You will also receive all future versions of IPcalc for free. (registration is for lifetime)


IPcalc registration fee: $10 (US dollars)
payment methods: PalmGear or Check (via snailmail)
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eSellerate - I set up a store at eSellerate; through this store I can take credit cards.  (I don't get your credit card info; they only tell me about the purchases.)

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