When my son was learning to read, we played a game on paper. Starting with one word, each of us would change one letter, making a new word - just as above, starting with CAR, changing the R to a T makes the word CAT, and so on.
NextWord is this game on the Palm.

To accommodate players of varying abilities, NextWord is highly configurable

My son Daniel is allowed to reuse any words, and may change two letters of three-letter words.  His sister Katherine, an accomplished third-grade reader, is only allowed to change one letter - and may reuse words, except for the most-recent word each player has used.  Mommy and Daddy aren't allowed to reuse words at all.

In addition, NextWord includes a “Speed Game” – where a single player plays against themselves, spelling words as rapidly as they can.

As I created the original NextWord web page (an earlier version of this page) my 7-year-old son Daniel came downstairs (he couldn’t sleep), sat on my lap, and proceeded to read the list of words above!  NextWord is intended to spur on this desire to read and learn words!

Both my children have enjoyed watching NextWord develop, and keep asking to play it.  I hope this enjoyment means a good game that you and your children will enjoy!



NextWord version 1.01  (294k)  released 21 May 2002

Download as .ZIP file (for Windows; executable and documentation)
Download as .SIT file (for Mac; executable and documentation)
Download as .PRC file (just the executable file for Palm; without documentation - download the PDF file separately, below)

Read the documentation online as web pages or as an Adobe PDF file
This requires Adobe Acrobat.  The free Acrobat Reader
is available at


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